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2020 Pitching/Catching camp winners


Left to Right: NickTurner (Tucci Gear Winner), Tripp Patterson (Pitching Champ), Tripp Wilson (MVP), Martin Danta (Pitching Champ), Reed Wilson (Catching Champ)

2020 Specialist Camp Winners


2020 Youth Babseball Camp Winners


2021 Specialist Camp Winners

2021 Speed & agility Camp Winners

Speed Camp Winners!

2021 Youth Baseball Camp winners

2022 Pitching/Catching camp winners

Camp winners

2022 Specialist Camp Winners

Kicking/Snapping Camp winners at the Stovall Atheltics Camp 2022
Specialist Camp winner Stovall Athletics Camp
Speicalists Camp winner Stovall Atheltics 2022
Speicalists Camp winner Stovall Atheltics 2022

2022 Sports Camp mvps

Sports Camp winners Stovall Athletics 2022

2022 Speed & agility Camp winners


2022 Baseball Camp Winners


2023 Pitching & Catching Camp Winners


2023 Specialist Camp Winners

2023 Specialist camp winners. Top Punter, Top Kicker, Top Snapper.

2023 Sports Camp mvps

2023 Speed & agility Camp winners

Stovall Athletics Speed and Agility Camp with Sammies Coates, Corey Grant, Chandler Cox, Andrew Williams, and more.

2023 Baseball Camp Winners

Baseball Camp winners for the Stovall Athletics Baseball Camp.

2024 Pitching and Catching Camp Winners

Speed and agility camp competition winners in Auburn Alabama
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