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2019 Specialist Camp Winners

Caleb Harris

Caleb Harris Punting Champion Gadsden City Age: 16

Joshua Harris

Joshua Harris Camp MVP Headland Age: 14

Josh Owsley

Josh Owlsey Field Goal Champion Auburn High Age: 15

Reese Burkhardt

Reese Burkhardt Kickoff Champion Andalusia Age: 17

Ben Williamson

Ben Williamson Long Snapping Champion Christian Heritage Age: 17

2020 Pitching/Catching camp winners


Left to Right: NickTurner (Tucci Gear Winner), Tripp Patterson (Pitching Champ), Tripp Wilson (MVP), Martin Danta (Pitching Champ), Reed Wilson (Catching Champ)

2020 Specialist Camp Winners


Left to Right: Ronnie Thomas (Long Snapper Champ), Jaden Burns (Field Goal Champ), Josh Owsley (Kick-Off Champ), Cleat Forrest (Camp MVP), Wyatt Hurst (Punt Champ)

2020 Youth Babseball Camp Winners


Congratulations! Tripp Wilson (Camp MVP) and Brody Blevins (Hitting Champion)

2021 Specialist Camp Winners

2021 Speed & agility Camp Winners

Speed Camp Winners!

Travis Smith (Pro Agility Champion), Emma Drinkard (100 Yard Dash Champion), Greyson Simpson (40 Yard Dash Champion), Walker Harling (Camp MVP), Jackson Dooley (L-Drill Champion), Grayson Roe (Ground Starts Champion)

2021 Youth Baseball Camp winners

2022 Pitching/Catching camp winners

Camp winners

Luke Johnson- Catching champ (Tucci Gear Winner), Mark Hunley- Pitching Champ (Rawlings Glove winner), Griffin Winn- Camp MVP

2022 Specialist Camp Winners

Kicking/Snapping Camp
Kicking/Snapping Camp
Kicking/Snapping Camp
Kicking/Snapping Camp

2022 Sports Camp mvps


2022 Speed & agility Camp winners


Luke Oliver (Ground Starts Champ), Eli Schlageter (L-Drill Champ), Legion McCray (100 yard Dash Champ), Trenter Johnson (Camp MVP), Ben Frampton (40 yard Dash Champ), Brodie Jones (Pro Agility Champ)

2022 Baseball Camp Winners


Brayson Hayes (Hitting Champ High School Group), Coleton Pettus (60 Yard Dash Champ), Baylor Cofield (Camp MVP), Kinley Rasmus (Hitting Champ & Outfield Throwing Champ)

2023 Pitching & Catching Camp Winners

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