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Our Brand

The Stovall Athletics logo represents growth. This could apply to many things including spirituality, personal achievement, knowledge, skills, etc. The curved line morphing into a straight line also represents refinement and discipline. And most importantly, the three sides are a symbol of the Holy Trinity.


The three sides of the arrow to each possess a certain characteristic slightly different from the others. The Holy Spirit as the first part of the arrow; over arching, bending and moving with us as we feel God in our lives even before we know him. The second section of the arrow represents Jesus. Being both God and man the line is straight, unwavering, and authoritative (God) while at the same time also curved and understanding of our sin (man). This is the reason for the top half being curved and the bottom half being straight. The final section of the arrow represents our creator and is bold, strong and pointing up toward heaven (the ultimate authority)."

Stovall Athletics logo represents growth as an athlete, but also as a christian.
stovall athletics logo
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