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Our Brand

When Tyler Stovall began Stovall Athletics, he knew he wanted to have a logo that represented his core values. He and his wife, Kristi, started thinking about an image that would be on t-shirts, hats, signs, and social media as Stovall Athletics grew. Stovall, having a background in baseball and football, wanted the logo to express his passion for athletics. He also wanted it to showcase the importance of his faith. Stovall's good friend and graphic designer, Jim Henderson, created the logo around Stovall's accomplishments but most importantly, his values. Jim explains the logo meaning below.

In a symbolic way, one of my intentions was to represent growth. This could apply to many things including spirituality, personal achievement, knowledge, skills, etc. The curved line morphing into straight lines also represents refinement and discipline. And most importantly, I see the three sides as a symbol of the Holy Trinity.


I intended for the three sides of the arrow to each possess a certain characteristic slightly different from the others. I was thinking of the Holy Spirit as the first part of the arrow; over arching, bending and moving with us as we feel God in our lives even before we know him. The second section of the arrow represents Jesus.  Being both God and man the line is straight, unwavering, and authoritative (God) while at the same time also curved and understanding of our sin (man). This is the reason for the top half being curved and the bottom half being straight which I also see as a foundation or being grounded. The final section of the arrow represents our creator and is bold, strong and pointing up toward heaven (the ultimate authority)."




Inside the triangle, there are obvious images of a football and a baseball which represents Stovall's accomplishments with both. However, to show God is in everything we do you will notice 2 crosses on the football's ends. Also, there are letters and numbers on the baseball that say PH413 which represents Stovall's favorite bible verse, Philippians 4:13- "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength".

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